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Why TrollRating

Why Review on Trollrating

Trusted Platform

Trollrating is an open platform. A true egalitarian republic where your honest reviews are made public a is.

Loyalty and Rewards

This service is in development. We are building a platform where the consumers quality opinion can be rewarded. We understand the financial weight of every review that helped an individual towards the right choices.

Reviews and Ratings

Up your game through the power of customer feedbacks. End users are inclined to buy a product or patronize a service with good ratings and feed backs.

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Broaden your organic reach and increase website conversions by using the trollrating open platform where every buyer is heard and all sellers and suppliers are made to listen.

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Be Heard. Write a review about your experience and let others know about that good product or service. Spread the news and let other consumers have the right information for a better decision

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Widen your scope and align your corporate program with the power of organic growth and reach. Be intentional about the quality of your products and services and let everyday user spread the gospel for you. A good wine needs no bush.

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Our User Review

What Some of Our Beta Users Say about Trollrating


Great service. The idea of holding product makers and sellers accountable is a great one


I have had many sad experiences over what I ordered vs what I received. Unfortunately, the commerce platforms are not hard enough on sellers. Having an external independent platform to share experiences will go a long way in curtailing the excess of some dubious online sellers


Customer feedback is fundamental in performance audits and improvements where necessary. Open reviews are free publicity for quality products and services and a nightmare for products at the other end. Perfect initiative.

It's time to hold businesses accountable. Troll rating is an avenue through which everyday business are given the scorecard by everyday customers. It's simple, share your experience!

Simplicity,ease of use,and data accuracy. We strive to ensure that every review made represents an actual event by subjecting all reviews through a process of human approvals before it's published on the website.

For the everyday consumer, having the right information about a potential seller or supplier can mean the difference between a smooth purchase experience and a bad one. And for the businesses,their is no greater drive for efficient and effective business dealing than knowing that you are going to be held accountable.
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